Meditation is an ancient practice that began with “fire gazing”.  Practitioners would stare deeply into a roaring fire until they entered a trance-like state.  It is practiced world-wide by all cultures, and it is an excelent tool for self-discovery and stress management.

The misconception about meditation is that you have to clear your mind completely.  While some remote monks may be able to achieve that state of “emptiness”, meditation is more a practice of stillness and clarity.  It is helps relieve stress by helping you focus on the present moment.

Raion Zou Holistic Healing offers a variety of meditation techniques and styles to help you achieve a state of relaxation.

Meditation classes are offered to both beginner and advanced students, and the fee is $5.00 per class or $45.00 for the entire month.

If you are interested in Meditation classes, please call or text (412) 596-5025, complete the submission box below, or stop by!