Raion Zou Holistic Healing has partnered with 3 Rivers R & R to offer Reflexology services to Coraopolis and the surrounding communities.

Reflexology is a therapy intended to relieve stress and to help the body achieve a state of deep relaxation and homeostasis.  Massage is applied to nerve points (also known as meridians) that run across the human body and correspond to a specific organ.  Reflexology may help to support normalized function to that targeted organ.

Pam Fagelson, owner of 3 Rivers R & R, is a member of the Maryland Reflexology Association with many years experience in foot, hand, and ear Reflexology.

Sessions will be held on Thursdays at Raion Zou Holistic Healing, and the cost is $65.00 per session.

To learn more about Reflexology or to schedule a session, please contact us or stop by!