Reiki, in FDA terms, is considered “touch therapy”.  Reiki involves light, but direct, contact of the hands on the body to clear energy blockages that may lead to health issues.  If you are uncomfortable with touch, the hands can also be held just above the body without losing any beneficial effect.

Reiki is performed in a quiet setting to allow the body to enter a state of deep relaxation.  During a Reiki session, you may experience any number of sensations including heat, tingling, tugging, or color, as the energy is smoothed and blockages are released.

At Raion Zou Holistic Healing, LLC we practice various forms of Reiki, including traditional Usui Reiki Ryoho, Fusion Reiki, and Kundalini Reiki.  We are annually renewed members of the International Association of Reiki Practitioners, and fully abide by the practitioner code of ethics.

Reiki sessions last approximately 60 minutes, and the cost is $45.00 per session.

Reiki Classes:
Reiki Classes will be held based on demand, and structured by level.  Classes for each level run over a 2 – 3 day period.

  • Level I (Shoden / Beginning Practitioner)

  • Level 2 (Okuden / Seasoned Practitioner)

  • Level 3 (Shinpiden / Master)

  • Level 4 (Gokui Kaiden / Master-Teacher)

If you are interested in a Reiki session or in Reiki classes, please call or text (412) 596-5025, complete the submission box below, or stop by!

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